Microsoft Office Word , Excel icons missing – Try this

If ever due to some issues, you word .doc files , .docx files, .xls files , .xlsx files basically all popular file extensions of Microsoft Office have their icons missing – here is a quick fix that can resolve the issue.

Go to Start -> Select Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Tools ->  Microsoft Office Picture Manager -> Help -> Detect and Repair – >Check Restore my shortcuts while repairing.

This should restore all the microsoft office shortcuts and icons

Solving Typography Woes in Your Project


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Consider three scenarios

  • Scenario 1: “I want to use the same exact font.. that is present on this website ( some website url would be given )”
  • Scenario 2: “I want to use a good looking font on my website”
  • Scenario 3: Client sends across an image captured by his camera or some magazine & tells you to use the same font as used in the said object.

I come across such scenario’s regularly and would like to take time out today to explain how I resolve each of these scenario’s.

Scenario 1: More than often, I have heard these statement from my clients. To resolve the first issue, one needs to go to the said website and identify the font using inspect-element method of chrome, or dig deep in CSS of the website to find the font used. However with WhatFont, this task has become very simple. Just go visit the website and click the element and WhatFont easily identified the said font for you. It even specifies the line-height, font-size and color used in the website. Pretty cool. Go get yourself these extension today from the chrome store.

Scenario 2: Finding a good font-combination for the website and at the same time getting it approved by client is not an easy task.  There are many great font-combinations out there and finding a perfect solution that would do justice to design as well as your client can be difficult. The way I like to approach these problem is I show them various font-combinations and suggest them which font goes with which. Sites like & make it easier for clients to select a particular font-combo for their site.

Scenario 3: This scenario is bit tricky and if you don’t know your font’s properly or the font language, it will take a lot of time to find a particular font of your choice. I highly recommend you to check out Anatomy of type to understand typeface and various concepts related to a type. Differentiating between serif and sans-serif is very primitive. In order to identify a font from photo wherein only few characters are present correctly, you should be well aware of the anatomy. Once you are familiar with ascender , descender, baseline, aperture, cross bar, hairline etc , you can try using WhatTheFont service to check whether it is able to easily  identify your font. If not, you would be required to use Identify Font by answering to several sets of questions to narrow do your font’s choice to few tens which you can easily browse and select the one that matches closely to the one present in image.


Start Monitoring Uptime Of Your Website For Free

There are many freely available tools which let you monitor up time of your website for free. My personal favorite is UptimeRobot. Whether you have a personal blog or a business website/ company profile website, you can utilize the free service offered by the company to monitor your website and its downtime.

Adding a monitor is quite simple. Just register on the website, enter your website url, and select monitor type from HTTP, Ping, Port or Keyword. I generally prefer Keyword monitor type and select one of the keyword ( text)  available on the homepage of the website as my monitoring parameter. I set up an alert by email – if keyword not exists and that’s it.  In case my website ever goes down, I receive an email right in my inbox – whereby I can take appropriate action i.e. Reboot my server/ Contact Hosting company etc.

While on the subject of downtime and hosting, I would like to point out few things. For shared hosting, I always recommend Hostgator to my clients. I have been with Hostgator for 6+years now and never once have come across with any problems. For users who contact their hosting company when their website is down – make sure  to check your website on before creating ticket on the support portal of hosting company.

Creating an up time / down time monitor for your website is a very small step and takes less than 5 minutes to set up. I urge all new website owners to add this step in their to do list while making a new website.

Dealing with To Do’s

I have fiddled with many apps to record my daily to-do’s.  Wunderlist, Trello, Evernote, Asana, Todoist , – yes I have tried them all.  Last week I tried another online journal Penzu. However nothing beats the classic pen and paper method. I use a Squared Rule Notebook ( ya the one we used in schools for maths for addition/multiplication ) and have implemented my own hacked version of Bullet Journal. Digital tools though have its advantages as the alllow easily to copy / paste tasks/ shuffle – reshuffle tasks to next day or future date.

Of all the digital tools I tried I loved Trello and Penzu. My workflow usually starts with finalizing my things to be done on Penzu note. I then move on to create cards with checklists to be done On Trello. I also like to record the same in my notebook.

This week, I also set up a private WordPress blog to record my journals of to-do’s customized as per my needs.  Did you know using simple plugins like Private Only And WordPress Front-End editor you could create a simple To – Do journal. Front-End editor allows to strike-through completed tasks, add more items to the list as the day progresses.


Flipkart please add option to filter by Seller

Flipkart Marketplace Model

Flipkart introduced marketplace almost a year back. It was great to see lot of other sellers on Flipkart and one would hope that you would get same kind of service and quality of products as received by Flipkart WS-Retail. However from many past bad experiences with me and my friends, I lost trust in other sellers on Flipkart. That’s not to say there are all bad sellers on Marketplace- but it’s just that I am no longer comfortable buying from any seller other than WS-Retail.

Please have WS-Retail Fulfilled Checkbox in filters

When you try to find a product that you require on Flipkart these days, you would not see option of WS-Retail seller for many products and instead find some other selling the product. Atleast for the products I require, I didn’t find WS-Retail selling. Now the whole point of my shopping with Flipkart is the convenience, fast delivery and trust on the brand. Frankly, I would not buy on Flipkart from other seller – and prefer to do it offline then from local store. I feel like me, there would be many such users who would be of the same opinion. An extra filter option to select just Flipkart fulfilled/ WS-Retails products like we have Amazon Fulfilled would be great. It would make my life much simpler to narrow down the choices I have for shopping and whether or not I should go ahead with the purchase.

I am keen to know what other buyers feel of this strategy. Do you purchase from other sellers on Flipkart? Wouldn’t it be great to have such feature?


WordPress Hosting With Domain Name at Just Rs 760/-

Great Offer:

I just came across this offer from GoDaddy whereby new customer were entitled to domain name+ wordpress hosting at just Rs 760/- for first year. This offer is applicable to just new customers so if you already have an account in GoDaddy, this offer will not be applicable. I am not a big fan of GoDaddy hosting and personally prefer HostGator for all my hosting needs, but looking at the offer, I feel the it’s great for novice who wish to blog, share across their ideas , thoughts. They can utilize this offer to start blogging. You cannot start, unless you take action. Go create your brand, put across your ideas, dreams, and opinions.

How To Get This Offer?

So next thing, that you would ask me is that how can I avail this offer? Is there some sort of coupon? Well , you can simply do a Google search for godaddy wordpress hosting and you will see an Ad from Godaddy itself. I have attached screenshot for you to understand better. Please note this is not any sort of paid post or sponsored post. I haven’t received any sort of compensation for this post, nor am I linking to any specific website/coupon for this offer. It’s just that offer is good that I felt I should share it.


If you need any sort of help/advice in setting up your blog, you can always contact me. I will be more than happy to assist you and install WordPress on your domain. So what are you waiting for ? Take Action!

Adding Blog Post To WordPress Using Microsoft Word

Did you know that you can actually use Word to publish directly to your WordPress blog?

Over the past few months, I have seen many of my “writer” colleagues, friends switching to other blog platforms like Tumblr, Ghost and even Medium for the simple reason being that these platforms are much simpler than WordPress and helped them to focus more on content. It provided a distraction free writing environment and helped them to focus literally at the most important task at hand of writing. While I do certainly agree with few points put forward, as over the last few years WordPress has matured into a very sophisticated piece of software/cms that can be used to do almost all sorts of things. Whether you wish to create a membership site, create a learning management system, corporate website or even support portal – WordPress can handle each and all of these tasks. Current admin panel of WordPress is filled with loads of features and for newbie can be very intimidating.

But for all those who are looking to use WordPress just as a blogging platform, you can bypass this intimidating Admin panel and use word processor like Microsoft Word to post directly to your wordpress blog once you have installed WordPress correctly on your domain.

So next question that would come across your mind, is how is this possible?

Well, Microsoft Word 2007+ allows you to add a blog post, and post it directly. Just select New from Word and instead of Selecting Document – select Blog post from the option provided. While setting up blog post for the first time, it will ask you to validate your blog credentials. Once blog credentials are validated, you will be presented a Word interface with option to add your Blog Title, Blog article. You can even insert pictures, categories, hyperlinks etc.

More information about this can be found here

It’s a pretty easy. This blog post infact was written in Word and posted directly to my blog.

Creating Rough Proposal for Responsive Website Design

screenflyPopularity of responsive website design has increased phenomenally in this last year. I have seen many website owners revamping their website to make it responsive. As a matter of fact, I myself get lot of requests from website owners to make their website responsive. With mobile/tablet visitors contributing to almost 20% of total visitors to a website, importance of having a responsive website design cannot be denied.

Presenting user with a great user experience while browsing your website, not only helps in turning these visitors to loyal visitors, potential cients but also helps in getting better search engine ranking position in Google.

Whenever I am required to create proposal for responsive website design – the first thing I do is head over to Screenfly tool of Quirktools and create snapshot of website across various devices.

I take snapshot of the website for

  • 23″ desktop
  • Google Nexus 7
  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9″  resolution
  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S3/S4

Once I have taken required snapshots, I draft my proposal showing the existing website snapshot for various devices and then a sample of websites having responsive website design.  Once this main point is highlighted, you can use mobile – first approach module, analytics data emphasis module to complete your proposal.


Need Avatars – Try This Website

ui-facesMany a time while designing layouts in Photoshop, you might be required to use profile photos / headshots / avatars of users. It might be to showcase testimonials, ratings , reviews or even team members.  Find such snapshot / headshots can be time consuming. Luckily there is a website that allows you to download and use authorized faces of people in your design.

You can select avatars from 24px size to 128px size. The site also lets you further customize your avatars. You are presented with option to define

  • border-radius ( if you need rounded corner avatars )
  • spacing  ( spacing between consecutive avatars )
  • container width ( width of container )
  • background color of avatar

There are almost 2500+ avatars to select from. So next time if you require some avatars in your design, do check out this website.